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X1 Aeronautics provides advanced remote sensing and geospatial solutions to Canada’s Natural Resources and Engineering sectors. As one of North America’s top unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) experts, X1 offers a variety of engineering-grade end-user products while producing higher accuracy levels compared to costly full-scale aircraft and ground survey crews. Our products and services provide our clients with the ability to expedite decision-making based on more accurate, up-to-date information while increasing productivity within management and operations.

Streamlining the acquisition of more detailed (SfM: 60 - 1100ppm, UAV LiDAR: 50 - 1900ppm) and affordable data allows X1 to offer a variety of products and services that radically increase operational efficiency and profitability within Forestry, Mining, Oil & Gas, Environment, Transportation & Utilities and Engineering.  X1 is continually involved in advancing the capabilities of UAVs by engaging in research and development with educational institutions, government agencies and industry in both Canada and the US.

Our UAV fleet has been custom engineered to meet the robust needs of industry and offers additional safety redundancy features, covers more distance, and gathers more valuable data than is possible using any other commercially available VTOL flight system on the market. Having minimized the number of flights allows us to reduce processing times, assure the consistent production of high-quality end-user products, and reduce project completion times.

Flight plans are carefully created prior to arriving on site to reduce field time and are saved in order to expedite projects requiring frequent monitoring. Rapid long-distance data acquisition offers an increase in safety by eliminating the need for a ground crew to traverse dangerous terrain and allows our experienced field crew to work outside the perimeters of project activity. Following every flight, a quality check is completed to assure we meet or exceed project requirements and is available to clients upon request.

"Collaborating with X1 Aeronautics in different research and students’ design projects has been a great learning experience for me and my students. We have benefited from Shaun's extensive knowledge and field experience in our drone development and testing projects. X1 aeronautics is a company that I would rely on in our work on aerial mapping and other drone-related R&D projects." -- Dr. Homayoun Najjaran, PhD, PEng - Associate Professor, UBC School of Engineering

INCREASE:  Safety, Efficiency, Profitability, Accuracy

REDUCE:  Environmental Disturbance, Project Timelines, Financial Risk, Overall Costs

IMPROVE: Productivity, Data Quality, Revenue Opportunities, Decision Making 

INNOVATE: Multiple Applications - 1 Flight, Up-to-Date Information, High Density, Streamline Workflow 

GAIN: A Competitive Advantage

"The X1 Aeronautics team is extremely knowledgeable in the field of UAVs and remote sensing. Mr Shaun Bell (CTO) of X1 custom fabricated the 960mm X8 UAV to our specifications which he personally delivered. He also provided an in-person educational program, including two days in the classroom which focused on assembly and software programming, followed by one day in the field flight training. This session helped to ensure our group gained the required knowledge and skills to effectively make the most of this technology. It was very clear from this session that Shaun is an expert in this field and has very extensive knowledge of UAV system operations. He was able to answer all our questions in such a manner that we could clearly understand and has been available for further questions and technical support post training. The X1 team has helped to ensure our group is on the right track to meet all of Transport Canada's UAV flight regulations. X1 Aeronautics' quality of service and professionalism is beyond exceptional. If your company or organization is seeking a UAV system or remote sensing services, we strongly recommend speaking to Shaun and his team. They will be sure to offer you the best advice and options for your organization’s needs."
- Carmen McConnell
Senior Technician, Fisheries and Oceans Canada
- Ron Goruk
Biologist, Fisheries and Oceans Canada
- Kirby Rietze
Engineer, Fisheries and Oceans Canada

X1 Aeronautics is proud to be a part of a Mitacs-Accelerate Graduate Research Internship Program entitled ‘British Columbia Natural Gas Strategic Research Initiative’.  This program involves engineering professors and graduate students from the University of British Columbia Okanagan campus.  This research initiative is a strategically targeted collaborative research network designed to tackle some of the most pressing challenges in the natural gas sector. Partnering with the University of British Columbia and BC Oil and Gas Commission, X1 Aeronautics will assist researchers with Oil and Gas infrastructure Monitoring and Risk Analysis through the use of unmanned aerial systems. The benefits of the proposed research expand to all research partners involved as well as the nation as a whole. Partner organizations include BC Oil and Gas Commission, Trican Well Services Ltd., Secure Energy Services, X1 Aeronautics, Fortis BC.