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About Us

Fraser Abdallah, G.E.T.
Geomatic Engineering Technologist  --  fraser@x1aero.com
Fraser is a Geomatic Engineering Technologist graduate from SAIT Polytechnic and a valuable member of the X1 team who consistently delivers innovative and practical solutions that exceed client expectations.  His extensive experience conducting ground survey work transfers seamlessly to X1’s  field operations, creating an impeccably well-organized field experience. Fraser has contributed many skills to our team including expertise in remote sensing, GIS, photogrammetry, LiDAR and 3D modelling. Previous experience: Universal Civil Management - Surveryor,  Align Surveys Ltd. - Survey Assistant/Party Chief,  McElhanney Land Surveys Ltd - Surveyor Assistant 

SUAS design, fabrication
Post processing   
​​Motor and propeller efficiency
​​Motor redundancy​
GPS systems
Principles of aerodynamics 

Shaun Bell, CTO
Owner - Flight System Developer -- info@x1aero.com

Shaun is responsible for the development of our advanced fleet.  It has been said that he is one of the top five UAV experts in North America, and his extensive knowledge in UAV flight systems and safe and efficient field operations has earned X1 the respect of government agencies, educational institutions, and industry professionals throughout Canada. Shaun’s vast expertise includes, but is not only limited to:

Sue Freeman, CEO
Owner - Business Management  -- info@x1aero.com
Sue is credited with X1 Aeronautics' long-term vision for Canada’s Natural Resource management and liability monitoring.  Sue is responsible for business operations and development while meeting demands for ever-increasing efficient environmental and sustainable solutions.  With a keen understanding of the current UAV technology, she accurately forecasts industry specific needs.  Her visionary leadership and strategic direction have prepared X1 Aeronautics for its current UAV leadership role within Canada.  

Jordan Steingass, HBSc
Project Manager  --  info@x1aero.com
Jordan is a graduate student in Natural Resources Management (MScF) at Lakehead University in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Her research focuses on mapping invasive plant species using infrared UAV imagery in Grasslands National Park. She has a commercial pilot's license with extensive experience coordinating flight operations, making her a valuable resource in the implementation of UAV operations. Jordan's background in geography and geology, with a focus on GIS and mapping, provides a well-rounded knowledge base of many natural resource sectors including forestry and mining. 

With over 30 years of experience designing, building, and piloting unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), X1 Aeronautics combines cutting-edge UAV and remote sensing technologies to meet and exceed the unique parameters set by our clients and their respective industries.  Merging our Structure from Motion (SfM) and LiDAR tools with specialized software and the latest GIS programs, X1 Aeronautics provides an array of accurate and detailed geospatial products quickly and efficiently. Our data provides a substantial increase in quality of information by being more detailed, accurate, up-to-date, and affordable while offering our clients an opportunity to radically improve productivity.

​GPS systems
​Airframe optimization
​Vibration analysis safety protocol
​Motor and propeller efficiency
Electronic design & execution 
​Speed control software and design
​​Solid & liquid fuel systems  
Principles of aerodynamics

The greatest compliment to our business is a referral. If you know of someone who is in need of a highly accurate topographical survey, please feel free to pass on our information. We value referrals and offer referral incentives and discounts to show our appreciation. 

Geospatial Solutions 

Multiplatform LiDAR And Structure From Motion Photogrammetry