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Flight Systems

The greatest compliment to our business is a referral. If you know of someone who is in need of a highly accurate topographical survey, please feel free to pass on our information. We value referrals and offer referral incentives and discounts to show our appreciation. 

Geospatial Solutions 

Multiplatform LiDAR And Structure From Motion Photogrammetry

X1 Aeronautics brings cutting edge unmanned aerial vehicles to remote sensing, allowing our company to supply geospatial products to you with dramatically faster delivery, lower costs and unprecedented accuracy. The unique parameters demanded by remote sensing and mapping required a new, innovative approach to UAV technology.  Our aircraft are engineered to out-perform those previously available, providing a superior alternative to expensive land survey crews, full-scale aircraft, and satellites. 

  • Designed exclusively for affordable, accurate, and efficient acquisition of remote sensing and geospatial data.
  • Enables flight at lower altitudes than conventional fixed-wing  and rotary aircraft while controlling the GSD needed for quality results.  Lower altitudes also allow for a higher percentage of overlap, which ensures a redundant set of images and dense point cloud.
  • Our fleet now consists of several vertical take-off aircraft. Vertical take-off and landing increases safety and offers easy deployment in difficult terrain.  Project parameters determine which aircraft system is best suited for the work. 
  • Additional safety features combined with thirty years of UAV piloting experience and technology proficiency makes X1 Aeronautics Canada’s most advanced UAV service provider in geospatial information and remote sensing data acquisition.
  • X1 is the first UAV service provider in Canada to develop a heavy lifting system with the ability to carry more heavy and complex sensors for upwards of 60 minutes.  Competitors using off-the-shelf systems yield flight durations of only 12 - 14 minutes. 
  • Our extended flight times reduce the number of flights necessary to complete data acquisition, increase quality, and reduce processing times allowing us to deliver final products sooner.
  • X1 Aeronautics' data acquisition techniques will streamline workflow, reduce costs, expedite project completion times, and increase safety.