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Geospatial Solutions 

Multiplatform LiDAR And Structure From Motion Photogrammetry



Drainage & Watershed Analysis, Bridge Inspection, Transportation & Utilities Surveys, Terrain Mapping, Flood Mapping, Site Planning, Open Pit Mine Survey, Monitoring, Tailings Pond Design, Tailings Pond Survey, Road Design, Slope Analysis, Mine Design, Cut and Fill Calculations, Stability Monitoring, Change Detection, Erosion Detection, Asset and Liability Monitoring, Hazard Mapping, Heat Mapping, Reclamation, Pit and Dump Management, Disaster Risk Management and Mitigation, Life Cycle Planning.

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Open Pit Mine Survey, Mine Design, 
Life Cycle Planning, Terrain Mapping
Tailings Pond Design, Tailings Pond Survey
Road Design, Slope Analysis, Cut and Fill Calculations, Stability Monitoring
Change Detection, Pre-Post Blasting Data
Resource Management, Volumetric Calculations, Erosion Detection, Asset and Liability Monitoring, Hazard Mapping
Heat Mapping, Reclamation, Pit and Dump Management, Disaster Risk Management and Mitigation. 

​​​​Oil and Gas

​Drainage & Watershed Analysis, ​Reclamation, Environment, Assessments,

Vegetation Mapping, Channel Feature Mapping, Terrain Mapping, Stability Monitoring, Change Detection, Erosion Detection, Flood Mapping, Asset and Liability Monitoring, Landscape Management, Revegetation, Monitoring 

Disaster Risk Management and Mitigation.

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Forest Inventory, Timber Inventory, Road Design, Growth Surveys, Re-vegetation Monitoring, Environment, Assessments, 

Harvest Planning, Drainage & Watershed Analysis, Reclamation, Terrain Mapping, 

Slope Analysis, Silviculture Surveys, Stability Monitoring, Erosion Detection, Vegetation Mapping, Bridge Inspection, Wildfire Fuel Mapping.


Pipeline Monitoring, Resource Management, Terrain Mapping, Site Planning, Monitoring, Road Design, Slope Analysis, Cut and Fill Calculations, Erosion Detection, Asset and Liability Monitoring, Hazard Mapping, Heat Mapping, Reclamation,Environment Assessments, Volumetric Calculations, Drainage & Watershed Analysis, Vegetation Mapping, Landscape Management, Revegetation Monitoring, Stability Monitoring, Change Detection, 

Change Detection, Disaster Risk Management and Mitigation, Spill Detection,Transportation & Utilities Surveys,

 Life Cycle Planning, Design & Construction, Industrial Inspection