Benefits of UAV LiDAR

LiDAR is a method of remote sensing that uses pulses of light beams from a laser to measure distances between the sensor and features on the earth. Combined with a powerful GPS, LiDAR delivers unmatched accuracy in acquiring height and location data of earth features.

X1 Aeronautics utilizes the AL3-16 LiDAR system, mounted to our custom-engineered 1300X8mr flight system, the safest and most reliable system available for commercial use in North America. Both natural and built environments can be precisely mapped with our aerial LiDAR system including such features as vegetation canopies and understorey, mining tailings ponds, and pipelines, to mention a few.

Mobile LiDAR 

To date, our mobile LiDAR Mobile LIDAR has captured 100 - 462 PPM². 

X1’s vehicle-mounted mobile LiDAR system provides a convenient alternative to our airborne LiDAR system, delivering precise survey data for highway mapping, roadside engineering, Asset and Inventory Assesment, Planning, Monitoring and Design Projects. Our mobile LiDAR solution overcomes the challenges of mapping linear features while operating from a vehicle greatly increases the safety of personnel and minimizes road closures; this provides a significant reduction in data acquisition time in the field and traffic management costs.

High relative and absolute accuracy

Integrated RTK base station means no need for GCP targets

Ideal for mapping previously inaccessible, featureless, or hostile environments

Rapid acquisition and processing

Up to 200ha covered in a single flight

Up to 45 minute flight times with maximum payload.

Extended flight durations result in increased safety and expedited project completion times

Competitors are currently limited to 12-14 minute flight times

Canopy Penetration

Multiple returns for classification of canopy and understory

Improved data management 

Multiple scans can be easily merged without loss of accuracy or data

Integrated geo-referenced orthoimagery

Many processes are automatic, requiring fewer human interactions and involvement

Instant high-density point cloud generation

50 - 1900 PPM²

A scan rate of up to 600k points/second

Real-time monitoring of point cloud at the ground station

Independence from weather and lighting conditions

Data collection independent of sun inclination and position

Can be flown under clouds and unaffected by shadows

Capable of safe project completion in winds up to 30km/hr and temperatures ranging from -15C to 50C


Significantly cheaper in many applications than traditional survey methods

Savings are especially notable when considering speed, accuracy, and density of the data collected

The greatest compliment to our business is a referral. If you know of someone who is in need of a highly accurate topographical survey, please feel free to pass on our information. We value referrals and offer referral incentives and discounts to show our appreciation. 

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