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News, Strategic Partners and Events

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The greatest compliment to our business is a referral. If you know of someone who is in need of a highly accurate topographical survey, please feel free to pass on our information. We value referrals and offer referral incentives and discounts to show our appreciation. 

Geospatial Solutions 

Multiplatform LiDAR And Structure From Motion Photogrammetry

September 2017

Welcome to our newest X1 Team - Project Manager Brendon Skow! 

July 2017

X1 introduces 360 4K resolution Video
Metadata within the video file contain data an onboard gyro, compass, altimeter, and GPS. Allowing the user to view such data as heading, grade, location (Northing/easting or long/lat) shown on a real-time map and separate data fields. Video can be paused at any point with the ability to pan 360 degrees and zoom.  The video can be viewed on ios devices of desktop computers.  

June 2017

X1 announces Multiplatform Lidar.  47k Trail project yields 100 - 200 points per square metre! 

Additional projects this month

Power station - 190 points per square metre

As-built 462 points per square metre

Rec/Trail 361 points per square metre

March 2017

ASPRS - The Imaging & Geospatial Information Society

X1 Aeronautics is honored to be invited as a guest speaker.  Attendance is open to the general public and will include presentations 

from industry leaders:

Anna Schneiderman - GoDigital

Stuart Jones - City of Surrey

Les Giles - BC Hydro

Dave Brown - Terra Remote Sensing Inc.

Shaun Bell - X1 Aeronautics 

Tayor Anderson and Suzana Dragicevic - Simon Fraser University

Chris Beasy - Chartwell Consultants

Michael Rosen - Azimetry

Steve Rombough and Brenda Walashek - Simon Fraser University

August 2016

Introducing Our New UAV LiDAR System

X1 Aeronautics is excited to announce the release of our innovative UAV LiDAR system. Combining the powerful LiDAR technology of the AL3-16 from Phoenix Aerial with X1's own 1300X8mr flight system, we are proud to provide our clients with the latest products and services utilizing this cutting-edge technology.

June 2016 

X1 Aeronautics Welcomes Jordan Steingass and Fraser Abdallah

Jordan is a graduate student in Natural Resources Management at Lakehead University in Thunder Bay. She has come on board in the role of project manager for the release of our new LiDAR system. With a commercial pilot's license and a background in geography and geology with a focus on GIS and mapping, Jordan comes armed with a well-rounded knowledge base in many natural resource sectors including forestry and mining.

Fraser is a Geomatic Engineering Technologist graduate from SAIT Polytechnic. He has extensive experience conducting ground survey work, which transfers seamlessly to X1's field operations. He has contributed many skills to our team including expertise in remote sensing, GIS, photogrammetry, LiDAR, and 3D modeling. 

October 2015

UBC Okanagan Management Student Consulting Project (MSCP):
X1 Aeronautics is currently conducting a market research project at UBC Okanagan with a group of students from the MSCP program along with support from the Desert Research Institute in Nevada and a Fire Ecologist from R.W. Gray Consulting Ltd. This project will determine the market size and profitability of new innovative technology in order to provide and market platforms and services that will provide a missing communications link for firefighters and other workers in high-risk areas.  

UBC Okanagan Engineering Capstone Project:
X1 Aeronautics is also conducting a Capstone project with the School of Engineering at UBC Okanagan. The main objective of this leading-edge project is to create a fixed wing sUAS to support first response crews with BLS radio com and thermal/EO intelligence during early fire season operations. This will involve; creating a sUAS capable of extreme duration, preferably 12+ hours; relaying standard radio communication between command and crew, creating the ability for the sUAS to be re-tasked to collect thermal and EO information when required, and the ability to take off and land in rugged mountain terrain. 

July 2015

X1 Aeronautics acknowledges Mineit Consulting Inc. as a Strategic Partner

Mineit is a leading, mid-market, Canadian engineering consulting firm providing technical services and advice for the mining industry. Their portfolio demonstrates their global reach and includes banks, governments, mineral exploration and mining companies, development firms, law firms, as well as individual investors and private equity ventures. Mineit's team of professionals have extensive experience and bring years of knowledge to your project. Contact them to get your project moving forward.  

May 2015

X1 Aeronautics Welcomes Ashlee Schmaltz

Ashlee is a graduate from the Earth and Environmental Science program at UBC Okanagan. She has spent the last three and a half years working as a Geologist within the Mineral Exploration Industry, developing skills in prospecting and mapping, water quality sampling, project execution and management, and many other areas. She enjoys spending her free time outdoors; mountain biking, rock climbing, and exploring the back roads of the Okanagan Valley.