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High Relative and Absolute Accuracy

Accuracy levels average 2.5 cm, set prior to flight to accommodate the scope of the project.  

Ground control points used where appropriate, depending on requested accuracy levels.  

Image overlap of 75-85% in vertical and 60-80% in the horizontal axis.

Rapid Acquisition and Processing

Pre-programed flight plans are saved and reutilized for repeat surveys of rapidly evolving projects. 

Improved Data Acquisition and Management

24-megapixel commercial-grade camera system with a large sensor.  

Integrated processing of orthoimagery.  

Seamless integration with CAD, GIS, and other mapping software.

Instant High-Density Point Could Generation

Extremely dense point cloud of 60-1100 PPM².

Colourized to improve visualization.  

10 times more dense that traditional full-scale aircraft acquisition. 


Dramatically reduced compared to the cost of traditional airborne or ground surveys

Open Pit Mine Survey

A recently completed open pit mine survey encompassed two separate areas of 340 and 180 hectares. Extreme elevation changes required careful planning in order to maximize efficiency and control ground sampling distances. Approximately 4,500 images were captured during the flight with 80% overlap and accuracy levels averaging 3-6 cm. The success of this project relied heavily on the head of our technology division whose aviation and UAV expertise allowed successful completion of the project.

Output results:

LAS Point Cloud

Orthorectified Imagery

Stockpile/Volumetric Survey
A busy 20-hectare mine requires monthly stockpile surveys for volumetric evaluation of their inventory. Traditionally, this work is carried out by a 2-person ground survey crew spending a minimum of 2.5 days in the field, exposed to difficult terrain and dangerous machinery. The final products produced by the ground survey crews are typically delivered to the mine manager 5-7 days after completing the field work.
Our 2-man crew is able to complete flight planning before arriving on site, minimizing time spent in the field and maximizing efficiency. The setup, flying, quality check, and equipment tear down are all completed within 2.5 hours of arriving on site. From flight planning to submitting deliverables, we are able to complete a project like this in under one week.

Client Savings!
A project of this nature using a traditional ground survey crew would typically cost upwards of $39,600 yearly. At a cost of $2,000 per month, we offer our client a savings of
$132,000 over the expected operational lifetime of the mine. The combination of our rapid acquisition methods and specialized software produces more accurate volumetric calculations and value-added products at a lower price point.


Structure from motion (SfM) photogrammetry relies on a highly redundant data set of multiple overlapping images for a dense matching of points. The resulting point cloud easily exceeds the density of full-scale aircraft LiDAR by a factor of 10. Recent advancements in UAV technology allow us to increase our point cloud density from 60 - 300 PPM² up to 1100 PPM² in average lighting conditions.  File sizes are easily reduced to accommodate client needs.

Merging new SfM software and the latest GIS technology, the array of accurate and detailed geospatial products we can deliver to customers is staggering. Not only do we provide a quick turnaround time, but our clients also benefit from increased accuracy and decreased costs.

Completed Structure From Motion Projects

Benefits of Structure From Motion Photogrammetry

Structure From Motion Photogrammetry

The greatest compliment to our business is a referral. If you know of someone who is in need of a highly accurate topographical survey, please feel free to pass on our information. We value referrals and offer referral incentives and discounts to show our appreciation. 

Geospatial Solutions 

Multiplatform LiDAR And Structure From Motion Photogrammetry